Serious venues

Courses are held in offices of IT-corporations, where students immerse themselves in the high-tech atmosphere. Each group counts at most 10 children, so that every pupil gets as much teacher attention as they need.

Cool Teachers

It is important for us to have the best and experienced coaches, which is why many of them are owners of IT-businesses and leading employees of large IT-corporations.

Practice only

Just practice and no grading! We have created the environment where children are not afraid of criticism and cannot wait for the next course they enroll in. With us they think about the future and create their own and personal projects.

Successful children

We prepare children to enroll into the best Russian and International Universities, to start their own businesses, to work with and be employed by the leading IT-corporations.



The CODDY® Team strives to provide children with such extent of coding knowledge and project management skills that they, just being 15 years of age, will be able to:

  • enroll into leading Russian or International University
  • start their own business
  • get a job with a Russian or an International IT-corporation.

Courses the school provides not only develop of technical skills: coding, creation of mobile applications, but also the soft skills - design-thinking, startup course, etc.

Courses are held in offices of IT-corporations, where students immerse themselves in the high-tech atmosphere.

We constantly keep in touch with the parents, so that we can work together towards our common goal of assisting the child in self-realisation and being successful.

We strive to ensure that CODDY® becomes the best place for children to dive into the world of coding!

Set of discounts for the most active coddy kids and their families, as well as

ИРКУТСК - 25% Если ребенок одновременно посещает два и более курса
- 25%

If a coddy kid enrolls to two or more courses (within a month), the discount is 25% off the total price (6000 rub instead of 8000 rub)

ИРКУТСК - 25% Если дети из одной семьи посещают одновременно курсы
- 25%

If there are two coddy kids from the same family studying at the same time, the discount is 25% off the total price (6000 rub instead of 8000 rub)

ИРКУТСК - 25%. Если ребенок из многодетной семьи посещает курсы

ИРК - БЕСПЛАТНО. Для детей и близких родственников сотрудников CODDY®

Kids of CODDY® staff get a 100% discount on all courses

Discounts are not summarized and do not apply to personal online activities. The offer is valid for classes in .


Let's create the future together!

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Create the foundation for your child's future success

News and events

Are you looking for the gifts ideas for your child?

Are you searching for the best original and unusual gifts for the kids?

International programming school for kids CODDY offers gift certificates for programming courses for kids aged 4-15.




We have three time slots in a day: starting 9:00 am. finishing 12:00 noon, starting 12:30 am. finishing 3:30 pm., starting 4:00 pm. finishing 7:00 pm.
Our school is open all year long.
We only offer classes on the weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays.
We assemble groups every month. If you are interested in enrolling, contact us.
To sign up for a course, please, apply here (EN)
All courses are held in offices of our partners, various IT-corporations, full list of our partners can be found here.
The length of a lesson is three hours or 180 minutes.
We are currently working on establishing an online platform, but we already offer individual lessons through Skype. For more information, contact us.
CODDY® welcomes students from 5 to 15 years of age.
The cost for a course varies from 4000 ₽ to 8000 ₽ monthly depending on the region. Each course consists of four classes, three hour each, held once a week, on a Saturday or a Sunday.
Cost of all courses based in Moscow is 6000 ₽, the exception being the Harvard Course CS50, 8000 ₽. Cost of all courses in St.Petersburg and Samara is 4000 ₽.
We use a modular system. This allows students to join the program at any time in the year. It also gives the possibility of picking the module a student really wants and has the most interest towards. Each module spans over one month and after a module is complete, one can dwell into the same direction even further (take a second level module, for example) or switch up the course entirely.
Such issues are resolved in individual manner. Please, contact the CODDY administration with your request at: info@coddyschool.com.
The list of courses as well as their description can be found here.
As our priority is to give each student as much attention as we possibly can, we typically assign eight to ten children to a group.







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MON-FRI: 10:00 — 19:00

SAT-SUN: 09:00 — 20:00

We wait for you!)
With love, CODDY® team!

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