Programming courses for the youngest

For the youngest

Today no one has any doubts that high technologies are the future. Modern children use phones, tablets and computers almost since they are little. Interest in technology and craving for entertainment can be combined at programming courses for kids CODDY, where the child will be offered training in the form of games that can teach how to compose algorithms and even write a code.

Many parents have a question - from what age should a child start learning programming?

Programming for children from scratch

Our teachers believe a child can learn programming earlier than learning alphabet. It is not easy to teach a child programming from scratch. It is even not about the complexity of writing a code or a program. Major difficulty is that you need to interest a child at the age of 4-6 with training process constantly keeping him focused. Knowing this we designed programming courses for children aged 4-6 in such a way that writing programs is presented not as a boring set of difficult and complex text commands and algorithms, but as a fun and exciting developing game.

A tablet or a laptop and also special set up programs are enough to have on lessons. Educational programs are available for the little ones and are based mainly on graphics and animation. When playing in a specially designed interactive environment preschool children are gradually learning to create not only simple algorithms, but also quite complex programs with cycles, subprograms and even conditional operators.

Such classes help to:

  • develop children’s logics, concentration, spatial and critical thinking;
  • develop imagination, creativity, analytical thinking and also ability to solve complex tasks;
  • develop common understanding of programming concept and learn the basics.

It is recommended to get introduced to such skills as early as possible because little children are easy to be trained and learn material better than adults. “Design thinking” course is suitable for children of any age including those who are interested in programming for children aged 5.

Schedule, programs and “Programming for the little ones” course cost is available here and here. The last one is suitable for children aged 4 to start learning programming.

Welcome if you understand that your children need more than just using a phone or a tablet in order to succeed in the future.

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